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Fields of Application:

imageProtection of Water Treatment Equipment 
imageProtection and Repair of Heat - Exchange  Equipment
imageProtection of Equipment in Aggressive Mediums
imageProtection of Oil and Gas Output, Storage and Processing Equipment
imageProtection and Repair of Other Equipment, Constructions and Structures


Considerable experience of development and production of chemically proof coatings for use in aggressive environments accumulated by ROCOR® has enabled it to develop a range of economy-priced materials and coatings for the protection of oil, gas and oil products extraction and storage equipment.

 The GSM and ELECTRO brands of METACOR® primers and VICOR® and SELECTON® coatings feature high resistance to gaseous hydrogen sulfide, stability in sulfurous brines, resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils and special additives thereto, as well as to methanol and diethylene glycol. The coating surface is immune to fouling with the Cladosporium resinae fuel bug.

 Moreover, these coatings have a number of extra features required for the protection of oil, gas and oil products extraction and storage equipment; in particular, they withstand spot surface deformations that can occur when storage tanks are filled or emptied, high-pressure (up to 1,000 atm) water cleaning, and steam jet treatment conforming to GOST 9.409-88. The electrical resistance of GSM coatings is less than 108 Ohm*m, making it possible to furnish antistatic coating systems. The coatings have been certified electrically safe by VNIPO. Moreover, ELECTRO brands with an electrical resistance of less than 105 Ohm*m have been developed in order to provide conductive coating systems for specific applications.

 These coatings may be exposed to all kinds of hydrocarbons, dark and light oils alike. We guarantee that the composition of our products has been so developed as to be free of migrating components that may cause the deterioration of fuel, gasoline or kerosene.

 The application techniques for METACOR®, VICOR® and SELECTON® coatings have been optimized for large vessels and ensure high quality under the most adverse conditions. In particular, we can allow for long intervals (up to 14 days) between the application of the primer and coating layers; coating can be applied and dry up at low temperatures (as low as -5 °С); work is not prevented by excessive surface humidity or nighttime condensation. Service-tested solutions exist for effective protection of welded and riveted connections.

 Our materials can be used as binding substances when placing inserts or sleeves reinforced with fiberglass cloth or carbon fiber on the bottom of heavily corroded tanks.

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  • Methanol storage vessels

METACOR®-01-UNO primer           1 layer              200 g/m²

VICOR®-793-GSM coating             4 layers            530 g/m²

  • Crude oil storage tanks, formation water separators

METACOR®-01-UNO primer           1 layer             180 g/m²

VICOR®-793-GSM coating            3 - 9 layers        380-1280 g/m²

  • Tanks for light oils

METACOR®-01-UNO primer           1 layer             180 g/m²

SELECTON®-793-GSM enamel      3 layers            380 g/m²

  • Electrical dehydrators

METACOR®-05-SIAL primer           1 layer             200 g/m²

VICOR®-793-GSM coating             4 layers            530 g/m²

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