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Fields of Application:

imageProtection of Water Treatment Equipment 
imageProtection and Repair of Heat - Exchange  Equipment
imageProtection of Equipment in Aggressive Mediums
imageProtection of Oil and Gas Output, Storage and Processing Equipment
imageProtection and Repair of Other Equipment, Constructions and Structures



If we want to drink clean water we must learn how to inhibit corrosion.

Life without water is impossible. And since water makes up 90 per cent of the human body, clean drinking water is vital to each human being.

This is why preventing corrosion from occurring in aqueous media and protecting water from corrosion products is so all-important.

The centrality of water to biological systems is due, first and foremost, to its being one of the most versatile solvents.

Humanity has made use of this property of water since ancient times, so that modern industry now consumes vast quantities of water.

The list of aggressive corrosive solutions used for industrial purposes is very long. It includes, first of all, salt, alkali and acid solutions, as well as water/organic mixtures. The corrosion rate may be several hundred or several thousand times as high in these solutions as in natural water.

The most technologically straightforward and economical way of preventing corrosion in such an environment is to use polymer coatings.

On the other hand, using coatings in high purity and drinking water with a temperature of 50 to 100 is a daunting challenge, because water is capable of causing dramatic decrease of coating adhesion, sometimes resulting in spontaneous coating pilling.

The only answer to this problem are our METACOR primers. Their adhesion has actually been shown to increase, rather than decrease, in this environment!


 By combining high resistance to common acids with immunity to pressure drops and surges, and to abrasive wear we have developed coatings for use in water purification equipment, with a service life in excess of 20 years. High adhesiveness of METACOR primers to a broad range of surfaces and sound design of VICOR coatings will provide a reliable solution in terms of protecting composite assemblies (carbon steel, stainless steel, concrete) in, e.g., ion-exchange filters.

Chemical water treatment and water purification equipment. Unlike cheap standard fillings or rubber coatings, VICOR coatings contain no migrating components capable of harming expensive ion exchange resins such as AMBERSEP, AMBERJET, AMBERLITE, AMBERLIST, DUOLITE, IMAC, MICROIONEX, KU-2-8, KU-2-8-chs, AV-17-8, AV-17-8chs, and AN-31.


Coating Systems

Utility water tanks and vessels with a temperature of up to 50

METACOR-05-SIAL primer       1 layer                200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating          3 layers            450 g/m²


Utility water tanks and vessels with a temperature of up to 105

METACOR-05-SIAL primer       1 layer              200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating         5 layers            680 g/m²

VICOR-7105 enamel                 4 layers           600 g/m²


Hydrogen cation exchange filters

METACOR-01-UNO primer      1 layer              200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating         9 layers          1280 g/m²


Sodium cation exchange filters

METACOR-01-UNO primer        1 layer           200 g/m²

VICOR- 793-TRIO coating          6 layers         980 g/m²


Active mixed beds

METACOR-01-UNO primer        1 layer           200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating           9 layers       1280 g/m²


Oil product strainers

METACOR-01-UNO primer        1 layer         200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating           9 layers     1280 g/m²


Condensate storage tanks

METACOR-05-SIAL primer         1 layer         200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating          4-6 layers        380-680 g/m²




 VICOR-BIO materials have passed health tests successfully; they come with registered technical documentation and sanitary & epidemiological certificates permitting their exposure to drinking water with a temperature of up to 100. The solution we offer is 3 to 10 times cheaper than the use of stainless steel or metal plating. The VICOR-BIO materials are resistant to disinfectants and antiseptics. They contain no substances banned from inclusion into cosmetics, nor contaminants of food raw materials, foodstuffs or soil.

 Coating Systems

Tanks for drinking water (chlorinated or ozonized) with a temperature of up to 30

METACOR-01-UNO primer          1 layer             180 g/m²

VICOR-7050-BIO coating             4 layers            600 g/m²

 Tanks for drinking water with a temperature of up to 50

METACOR-01-UNO primer          1 layer            180 g/m²

VICOR-7050-BIO coating             6 layers          900 g/m²

 Tanks for drinking water with a temperature of up to 70

METACOR-01-UNO primer          1 layer            200 g/m²

VICOR-7050-BIO coating             8 layers        1200 g/m²

 Tanks for drinking water with a temperature of up to 100

METACOR-01-UNO primer          1 layer            300 g/m²

VICOR-7104-BIO coating             8 layers         1200 g/m²

 Tanks for drinking water with a temperature of up to 100

METACOR-07-BIO primer           1 layer             200 g/m²

VICOR-7104-BIO coating           6 layers            600 g/m²

 Ships tanks, cisterns and pipelines for portable water and foodstuffs, conforming to YAKUT 25-073-2001,  YAKUT 25-075-2001

METACOR-01-UNO primer        1 layer              180 g/m²

VICOR-7050-BIO coating           1-4 layers        150-600 g/m²

 Potassium, sodium and calcium hypochlorite storage containers with the available chlorine content conforming to GOST 11086-76

METACOR-01-UNO primer       1 layer               200 g/m²

VICOR-7050-BIO coating          8 layers            1200 g/m²




 VICOR coatings combine high vibration endurance with outstanding surface hardness and abrasive wear resistance, and are capable of protecting perforated surfaces, which makes their use an efficient way of protecting all kinds of centrifuges and pumps against corrosion. Moreover, VICOR coatings are highly resistant to solutions and slurries of such substances as massecuite, potassium chloride, sodium sulfate, anthracene, green vitriol, nickel vitriol, sodium carbonate, boric acid, common salt, starch, sulphamic acid (with the H2SO4 content ranging from 20 to 80 per cent), vaccines and serums, oils, and drill mud.

 Water, water-sand slurry or silica gel pumps (cases, elbows, impellers)

METACOR-01-UNO primer          1 layer          200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating             6 layers        830 g/m²

VICOR-5      93 enamel                 6 layers        830 g/m²




VICOR coatings are resistant to vibration caused by high-speed water flows, immune to silt deposition and abrasion by ice, stable at water line, and contain no soil pollutants.

 Doors and metalwork of stop logs and water gates

METACOR-05-SIAL primer            1 layer       200 g/m²

VICOR-793-TRIO coating              1 layer         80 g/m²

VICOR-7050-BIO coating              2 layers     300 g/m²

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