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Fields of Application:

imageProtection of Water Treatment Equipment 
imageProtection and Repair of Heat - Exchange  Equipment
imageProtection of Equipment in Aggressive Mediums
imageProtection of Oil and Gas Output, Storage and Processing Equipment
imageProtection and Repair of Other Equipment, Constructions and Structures

About us


The specialty of NPO ROCOR has been the development and production of polymer coatings,  protecting process  and equipment from being attacked by all sorts of aggressive media, ranging from ultra-pure water to strong acids. The materials we produce make it possible to apply protective coatings on-site, require no complex appliances for surface preparation and coating application, and curing under standard temperature and pressure, i.e., need no heat-curing.

Developing reliable cold-curing anticorrosive polymer coatings has been a formidable R&D challenge. NPO ROCOR has developed the concept of graded multilayer selective coating systems making it possible to develop coatings suitable for a variety of aggressive environments and conditions.

This approach is based on solving the following three interdependent problems:

  • developing optimal multilayer coating systems capable of selectively penetration decreasing  of the most aggressive components, as well as of maintaining strong adhesion and required physical and mechanical properties of the coatings over time. Moreover, this approach ensures quality protection of different substrates (i.e., protected materials).
  • developing a set of highly chemical-resistant and heat-resistant compounds to go into multilayer coating systems for use in all the relevant aggressive environments.
  • developing such application techniques, components and system composition as would be instrumental in reducing probability of coating flaws and, ideally, ensure its self-regeneration in case of excessive impact of environment, temperature or mechanical loads.

In addressing the first issue, ROCOR has developed the concept of multilayer coating optimization aimed at reducing their permeability (by a factor of up to 30) in the most dangerous aggressive media, and raising their adhesion to a range of substrates and their physical and mechanical stability.

Pursuit of the second problem has resulted in developing such compounds as, e.g., VICOR®-777-SUPERCHIM, VICOR®-793-TRIO, VICOR®-793-GSM, VICOR®-7104-BIO, and METACOR®-01-UNO, METACOR®-05-SIAL, METACOR®-07-BIO, SELECTON®-022 and SELECTON®-793-GSM primers. All of these materials are unquestionably top-notch in their respective categories.

We are addressing the third problem by developing ways of minimizing defects during application of multilayer systems, selectively inhibiting the most aggressive components of any given medium with special additives, and of facilitating energetic interaction of special additives with acids leading to spot afterpolymerization of the coating.

The approach we have adopted and the compounds we have developed make it possible to compose a coating system suitable for practically any environment or set of conditions out of the compounds that NPO ROCOR produces.

Apart from developing compounds for use in all kinds of aggressive media, NPO ROCOR has developed and produces a brand of compounds known as BIO and intended for anticorrosion protection of drinking water supply and food industry equipment. Today, our BIO brand materials feature record service temperature ranges and minimum migration.

Systematic research in the resistance of polymer compounds and coatings to chemical attack in aggressive media at high temperatures, as well as to simultaneous impact of chemicals and the temperature gradient, has enabled us to get an insight into the mechanism of these phenomena and design a new category of coatings to protect heat exchange equipment.

ROCOR holds periodic workshops and organizes exhibitions and conferences on corrosion control. We will be happy to hear and discuss such problems as you may have, and to share our knowledge and experience with your personnel.

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